Available Lots for sale at The Reserve at Leonard Farms, Bristol TN

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Acres AddressLt # Pricing
0.532245 Oak View Cir54B$40,000
0.382241 Oak View Cir54 A$40,000
0.288237 Oak View Cir53B$40,000
0.283233 Oak View Cir53 A$40,000
0.298225 Oak View Cir52A$40,000
0.335221 Oak View Cir51B$40,000
0.7051101 Mountain Vista Dr14$80,000
0.7241109 Mountain Vista Dr12$80,000
0.7681116 Mountain Vista Dr5$80,000
1.0671104 Mountain Vista Dr2$80,000
0.237121 Creek Side Ct6$40,000
0.378125 Creek Side Ct7$40,000
0.268133 Creek Side Ct9$40,000
0.267137 Creek Side Ct10$40,000
0.266141 Creek Side Ct11$40,000
0.308149 Creek Side Ct13$40,000
0.377183 Creek Side Ct17$40,000
0.789401 Creek Side Ct17$80,000
0.377199 Creek Side Ct21$80,000
0.278201 Creek Side Ct22$40,000
0.806402 Creek Side Ct27$80,000
0.219176 Ceek Side Ct32$40,000
0.207168 Creek Side Ct34$40,000
0.218160 Creek Side Ct36$40,000
0.199154 Creek Side Ct37$40,000
0.197118 Creek Side Ct39$40,000
0.224114 Creek Side Ct40$40,000
0.261110 Creek Side Ct41$40,000

Office/Property Manager

Tammi Berry

Real Estate Inquiries

Christin Dewar